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Orange Owls- Prek

(4-5 years)

Class Objectives

Students in Pre-K will work towards developing:

1. Recites alphabet orally.
2. Matches capitals and lowercase letters
3. Recognizes letters and their sounds
4. Recognizes the difference between a vowel 
and a consonant
4. Pronounces correct short vowel sounds
5. Identifies beginning sounds in words
6. Identifies ending sounds in words
7. Reads color words
8. Reads number words
9.  Correctly writes first and last name
10.  Exposed to different forms of literature: poetry, finger plays, ets…
11.  Ability to grip pencils, crayons, and markers properly
12.  Knows to move left to right across the page.
13.  Works at a task for 5 to 10 minutes.
14.  Follows through on task from beginning to end.
15.  Puts together a 6 to 10 piece puzzle.
16.  Cuts with scissors on a straight, curved, and zigzag lines.
17.  Uses glue properly.
18.  Identifies colors.
19.  Identifies shapes.
20.  Follows simple verbal directions.
21.  Listen to a story well.
22.  Organizes a picture sequence and tells a story about it.
23.  Knows left and right hand.
24.  Has been introduced to tying shoes.
25.  Ability to rote count to 50.
26.  Name recognition of numbers 1-20.
27.  Counts objects in a group to 10.
28.  Group objects in sets.
29.  Understands the following concepts.
Around                front/back             inside/outside   more/less
    first/last              under/over            far/near            how many?
    in/out                  here/there              open/close      alike/different
    next/to                up/down               top/bottom       big/little  
    high/low             middle                  to/from             first/last
    above/below      off/on                    never/always    tomorrow
    yesterday            today                    before/after      in all
30.  Understands concepts of patterns.
31.  Knows numerals in sequences.
32.  Develop an appreciation for music and rhythm.
33.  Understands basic scientific terms (Time, weight, temperature, etc.)