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Green Grasshoppers

(1-2 years)

Class Objectives

Students in Primary 1 will work towards developing:

Recite the letters of the alphabet
Work at a task for 5 minutes
Ability to grip pencils, crayons, and markers correctly
Puzzles containing individual pieces
Use glue properly (glue sticks)
Identify colors
Identify shapes
Identify different sizes 
Follow simple two step verbal directions
Listen to a story well
Identify two or three step sequences of a story
Ability to rote count to 10
Recognize numbers to 10
Count objects to 10
Group like objects
Familiar with terms:         
around                   front/back          inside/outside
first/last                 under/over          far/near
in/out                     here/there           open/close
next/to                   up/down             top/bottom
high/low                middle                to/from
above/below          off/on                 never/always
yesterday               today                  before/after
morning/night      same/different   other

Verbally express needs appropriately.
Recognize own name.
Develop appreciation for music.