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Purple Pandas

 (3-4 years)

Class Objectives

Students in Primary 3 will work towards developing:

Recite ABC’s
Recognize letters and numbers
Work at a task for 5-7 minutes
Hold pencils, crayons, and markers correctly
Put together 6-10 piece puzzle    
Use glue properly
Tries to cut with scissors
Identify colors, shapes, different sizes: group like objects
Sort by color and size  
Follow three and four  step verbal instructions
Listen to a complete story
Begin to order the events of a story (comprehension)
Rote count to 20
Recognize numbers to 20
Group like objects

Introduce Concepts:
Around                front/back             inside/outside   more/less
first/last              under/over            far/near            how many?
in/out                  here/there              open/close      alike/different
next/to                up/down               top/bottom       big/little  
high/low             middle                  to/from             first/last
above/below      off/on                    never/always    tomorrow
yesterday            today                    before/after      in all

Verbally express needs appropriately 
Recognize and orally spell own name 
Develop appreciation for music